Five Fine Five Track Tracks

by Cardinal Spaceship

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This album was recorded over the course of a few months. The idea behind it was to make five songs, each of which had no more and no less than five tracks. They are fine.


released July 16, 2014

Cardinal - Guitar, drums, vocals, keyboard, percussion.
Spaceship - Guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard, percussion.



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Cardinal Spaceship Vancouver, Washington

Candyhole Spankdick.

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Track Name: This Song Is Called "I Hate All of You in the Audience"
Remember your shame
Keep it close to your chest
Don't let it get away
Don't you ever forget

Fall on your sword for me
I hope you break a leg
Let me introduce myself
I got a five year plan

Get rich and get poor
Become a drug-addled mess
Just like before
Loveless, useless, and helpless

Remember your shame
Let it hover above you
Listen to it say
"I won't let anyone love you"

Take comfort in that fact
Because nothing is worse than change
When you break from the routine
You remember how fucked we really are
Track Name: A Pledge (Savior! I'm Going Down!!!)
I forgot how bad the fire burns me
I forgot how bad the fire burns me

Savior, save me
I'm going down

I am not a bad and ugly person
I am not a bad and ugly person
Oh, no

Please don't save me
You're not Jesus
I'm going down
Track Name: Fawkes (Meh...)
(screaming and laughing)
Track Name: It Was Very Quiet There
It seems like a long time ago
A time I must've missed
I see us as crystal figures
Frozen in the mist

You were humming a song I hated
I pretended not to care
The sun was trying to find us
It was very quiet there

It was very quiet there

You taught me not to notice
The things that I'd missed
Waiting for this moment
For something that can't exist

Right then, you seemed so distant
Like you could fade into the air
I can still hear your heart beating
It was very quiet there

It was very quiet there

Must it always be so painful
To turn yourself inside out
To give all you have to someone
To see what you've been without
Track Name: Monsters?!
She got slighted by sleight of hand
And I can attest to that
She was taken for a ride
I know, I know
Because I've been on that ride too

Putting on her high-heeled shoes
She was stuck in public school blues
She was running away, running away, running away
Running from the heartache and those fools

What a funny joke, you monsters
How could you not see her?
She's hiding her face, betrayed and ashamed
Crying alone, crying in the corner of the room

Now she's running away
Only two more years of this shit