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by Cardinal Spaceship

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This album is the product of about a year of on and off half-assery with a largely "whatever" attitude. It's made up of some songs. We recorded them. We forgot to add bass to That One Song, but whatever, we still like it. And so should you!


released March 8, 2013

Cardinal - Guitar, bass, computer soundz, vocals, drums, pianer, percussion.
Spaceship - Guitar, bass, pianer, vocals, drums, percussion.
Chris Wheeler (AKA Blender) - Drums on Nostalgia, Evening Campfire, and Pianer. Drum patterns for Tempo Chang.



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Cardinal Spaceship Vancouver, Washington

Candyhole Spankdick.

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Track Name: Nostalgia
I remember when you were young
I remember when you were still
I remember nostalgia
It was so much more beautiful then

The grass is always greener
The trees are always thicker
All except in winter
When everything is dead and white

I loved you so much then
The sun shined so bright
Now I feel so empty
And my days are as black as night

I remember memories
How I used to remember you
I used to lie in bed just thinking
Of all the things that we used to do

I loved you so much then
The sun shined so bright
Now I feel so empty
And my days are as black as night
Track Name: I Saw Her Stealing Jeans
They're being let out of the cage
A new era has begun
It's time to see the mess we've made
It's time to see the prize we've won
Track Name: Shadow
Hey, Shadow, stand right here
I've got something to do over there
Or something like that
Or something like that

I've got some news for you
I'm splitting us in two
Sorry about that
I need me back

Now, I've got to run
'Cause I can now have fun
Now that you're gone
Now that you're gone

This battle's been long
But now I have won
Track Name: That One Song
Is everybody watching?
Does everyone have a nice view?
Can you see me crashing
My airplane into you?

All I ever wanted
Is standing right in front of me
All I ever needed
Is to be someone I could never be

I will slice my soul into you

I want to hold you in my arms
I want to love you until we die
Be your sad protector
Shooting away angels that would take you to the sky

We could waft in the snow
Wouldn't it be wonderful?
Emerge immortal
Become so beautiful

I will slice my soul into you
Track Name: Evening Campfire
Evening campfire
Evening campfire
Give me all your love forever
We'll be so in love together now

I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you
Keep me in your warmth forever
Just you and me right here together now

Oh, lovely, lovely evening campfire
Hold me close and hold me tight
Oh, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me
Hold me, hold me, hold me

The holy glow of your outstretched arms
Is beaming at me
I'm so cold
But you're so warm
Track Name: Rose
Oh, Rose, you sit all alone
Oh, Rose, beneath the balcony

You watch the stars fall
You watch the end of it all
Lovers walking hand in hand
Eyes in eyes and lips in lips
Timeless lamps light their happy way
But, Rose, you sit alone tonight

Oh, Rose, Heaven knows they've mistreated you
Oh, Rose, I know it was a terrible thing to do

The trembling cold is gnawing on your bones
This old hotel is not a home
You smell perfume, you hear the echoes of laughter
See the bones of the city reflecting in the water
Some ghost party you never could attend
But, Rose, you will never come back again

But, Rose, you will never come back again
Track Name: Pianer (Smokescreens)
There's blood running down my shoulders
There's a fire burning in your eyes
You're late for your next appointment
There's nothing left for you to hide

And these smokescreens
I just want to get through
All those dirty lies
That keep me from you

It's late, but our bed is empty
I'm tired, but I can't sleep at all
I'm shaking, staring out the window
I hear footsteps walking down the hall

And these tired nights
Break me into shards
You're lying so close
But we're so far apart
Track Name: In That Place/Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra/I'll Dream of You, My Love
As I lay my head tonight
I know everything will be alright
I'll dream of you and your smiling face
In a peaceful, quiet, pretty place

Then, perhaps my wish could come true
And I could be in that place with you

Oh, ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

And as you lay by the fire's light
I hope that you'll sleep well tonight
Perhaps you'll dream of a warm embrace
In a peaceful, quiet, pretty place

Then, perhaps you could be there with me
Where I feel you're supposed to be

Oh, here in my arms where you're always welcome
We'll be in that place such more often than seldom

Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

I'll dream of you, my love
I'll meet you there, my love
I'll see you again, my love
I'll cherish you, my love
Track Name: Tempo Chang
You're sucking on my blood
You crunch the numbers
You watch me through closed eyes
You circle as I sleep

I'm the knife in your kitchen
I'm the ghost at your window
I'm the fire in the attic
I'm a stray dog who will follow you home

Yeah, I'm a spectre
I'm a spectator that once was mine
All our love is poured into nothing
All our hate is poured into youth

I wanna drink your I.V. drip
I wanna drain your dying veins
I wanna waste your waning days
I hope to hang you by your hairlip

Better believe I'm a bitter old bastard
So, no, you know, I won't go alone
But, I'm never coming with you
We all gotta go by ourselves

All my fear feeds is a heartbeat
My racing heart bleeds just for you
All my blood needs is a purpose
My fading love I leave for you

"William... William, it was really nothing"
Track Name: You Gone for So
Where have you gone for so long?
I thought I found you, but I was wrong
You were under a rock

We could have been, we used to be good friends
We could have been, but you chose your rock instead